Spitphase program
30 Days commitment- life journey
My program SPITPHASE is unapologetic about who it is for. I am also unapologetic about the brutal daily 10 min bodyweight physical routine you must commit to.

Many athletes on this journey are thanking me for giving them that feeling of self-belief and accountability back. That feeling of accomplishment like they had when they left it all on the field. The mental game of being pushed so hard that the last 3 mins of the daily routine will feel like you're defending your line for repeat efforts.
· closed facebook group access
· 10 min bodyweight workout 
· one off payment $249us
· 10 leadership videos

"This journey isn't just for anyone."
Nathan Helberg

Some of you may need to prepare your body  first....

For many of the retired athletes out there their health and fitness has really got out of control.

Something as intense as #Spitphase will be a huge tax on your body- not everyone can start that intense.

We do have the first steps you need to make now, the way for you to begin your path to the Locker Room again, regaining control and have you joining us as Master & Commander of yourself again and get you ready to join #Spitphase.

We will get your body learning to feel the intensity in a short time and have you learning the basis to prepare you for Spitphase.

You will begin doing everyday- 10 mins- same as Spitphase in time and accountability- but at less intensity. Nathan will lead you though  the workout and talk you through it.